ok hey so I just thought I’d use tom’s new comic as an example of how not to write dialogue!!

The drawing’s aren’t the focus of my thing obviously since I didn’t even remotely try to imitate anything and just used my fursona

but the point of this is it’s totally possible to do exactly what tom was doing here without any sort of talking! 000000: wowhwh

Becuase you see we really don’t NEED a character to tell us a how she feels because if he tells us what’s going on through maybe something she’s carrying plus expressions and actions it’s p easy

Although sometimes you do want some dialogue so you don’t sort of mislead or confuse a reader on your first few panels thinking the entire comic will lack dialogue soooo

yay minimal dialogue and we’re still getting the point across!

and yeah that’s my badly written little thing of comics woohoo

believe your readers are smart enough to infer and guess! Don’t throw dialogue at them like they’re stupid :P

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    In Nausicaa, she is literally narrating what she is going. She is talking about what’s going on. And it’s informing us...